Picasso Snapchat Lens

Turn yourself into a work of art!

Inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso, this design was drawn in the ProCreate app for iPad Pro.

Snapchat Lenses


Another Puppy Face

Cateye Glasses

Fart Soundboard

Lace Face


Please Stand By


Hello Giraffe


Louise Ears

Phone Screen

2D Tiara


Fake Geofilters

Dirty Halftone

Polaroid Frame

Neon Glasses

Window Kitty


Heart Eyes

Flower Face

Hello Spring

Abstract Frames

Applause Sign

Hello Banner

April Fools

You're Okay

Summer 2018

Synctacular Lip Sync Battles

I am the team captain of a competitive lip syncing team that participates in tournaments via the @Synctacular account on Snapchat.

Typically, my lip sync videos include costumes and props, and are often shot at carefully scouted locations.

Hazel the Rabbit

I love using costumes, props, and puppets in my Snapchat stories!

For my 38th birthday my husband bought me a rabbit puppet that I named Hazel. I take her on adventures doing everyday things, which I document on my story!

Tea & Tomes Spring Fling

Tea & Tomes is a weekly book review segment presented by Snapchatter @ambercamille76.

For 6 weeks in the spring of 2018, she invited guest reviewers to talk about their favorite beverages and books, and I had the pleasure of being one of those guests!